Bangalore intoxicated by Drugs

Published on November 19, 2019 by

Drug abuse is a major problem in Bangalore. Nimhans witnesses four thousand new drug addiction cases in 2019.
Swalpi Bajpai
19th November 2019, Bangalore
Drug addiction cases increase by 15% for the last two years in the city. Children, as young as 11, have fallen prey to drug abuse.
Krishna, a patient at Nimhans said, “I’m taking drugs since I was 17 years. My friends asked me to try it out and gradually it came into a habit. The treatment is a bit tough for me as I want these drugs too much and there is strict scrutiny over me. The longing sometimes gets hard to resist.”
As per the new NIMHANS report, 4000 new patients are registered in 2019 alone. The doctor informs that almost 75% of the addicts started using drugs at their teens. Nimhan’s rehabilitation specialist warns that abusers are predisposed of at their teenage due to biological causes. Other reasons are depression, anxiety and lack of confidence.
Dr.Jayanth, a de-addiction specialist at Nimhans said, “As people still treat drug addicts as criminals and they want to cave them. They need to understand that it’s an illness. This can help us is better prevention and treatment.”
Dr. Mala, HOD NMRKV College for women suggested that love, care, and awareness by doctors can be a solution.
She said,” There are various factors of drug addiction like rejection, negligence, aggression, alienation, etc which can be prevented by proper care and guidance by parents and surroundings. Doctors should go to various schools and spread awareness. Also, the law and order should maintain strict control over the drugs.”
A National Action plan on drug demand reduction is inaction by the Health and welfare department. The doctors are also trying to find new methods of treatment to control the problem.


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