Cheap medicines for diseases with no cure

Published on April 11, 2019 by

According to Dr. Arvinda, a neurologist, around 5 to 10 percent of people in the state suffer from Parkinson. The patients suffer from partial paralysis of the body parts and memory loss.

Basal ganglia support group has started a website where people will come and register themselves if they the disease. So far they have around 50 patients from Bangalore.

Mrs. Shantana who is suffering from Parkinson since last 4 years said “This disease changed my life. I am dependent on others for everything. I can’t walk, eat or do anything else.”

Doctors say physical exercises help in curing the treatment. Dr. V K Joshy, neurologist at Brains Neuro spine centre says “Cycling will help, avoid sudden standing, regular small exercise.”

The patients say that the cost of treatment is expensive but with the new scheme by Basal ganglia support the treatment will be affordable. Dr. Aravinda said “The cost of these two is between 10-15 thousand. However, it is not for all Parkinson patients.”

Doctors say lack of awareness about the disease is one of the biggest reasons. As people don’t come in an early stage and then when they arrive at the end stages the situation becomes out of control.



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