China’s goods ban benefits small Industries.

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The import ban on China goods benefits small Industries.

Earlier this year, The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) had imposed a ban on 3000 China goods, hardware being one of them.  

 Ahmedabad: The Small scale industries manufacturing screws and nut bolts are finding that they are not able to keep with the demand. Owners of the hardware manufacturing industry Dhaval Patel, says they are producing less than the capacity.

Bhargov Khanapra (owner of the hardware industry) says they are not able to use the machine to its full extent as they dont have enough manpower to operate the machine and are unable to meet demands. But Mr. Khanapra also says that he is pleased with the decision on the ban on the import of China goods. He added that the ban on China goods imports has increased his business by 15% compared to last year. Pradeep (machine operator in the hardware industry) said that he is new to this job but is very satisfied with the salary. Although some days, he has to work overtime to complete production as there is a shortage of labor. Migrant workers who used to work have not returned yet, and those who are working have to work extra hours says Pradeep. 

A ban was imposed overnight post lockdown. Hiren Varmora, Chairman of Trade Promotion Council of India said that India was looking for opportunity, a country can’t impose a ban on import overnight without any reason. This gave opportunity to many small industries such as electronics, leather etc.  



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