City too hot for the birds

Published on April 8, 2019 by

Environmentalist say the city is about to lose most of its birds this summer due to the heat

By Jude Weston

Bird Rescuers in the city say that they have received the most number of calls for bird rescues this summer, especially the black kites as it is their breeding season.

Rajesh Kumar M, a Wildlife Rescuer from the BBMP Forest Cell, said, “We get about 15 to 20 calls per day regarding bird collapsing in the city. Dehydration of birds is the major cause for this. Several birds have also died even after treatment because of dehydration”.

Doctors say that the population of black kites has been declining drastically over the past few years. Therefore it is important to save them.

Colonel Dr Nawaz Shariff, General Manager at the People for Animals, Wildlife Hospital, said, “Black kites are the most affected. We are getting many calls of birds falling off the sky, lying on the roads, apartments, etc.   We have rescued more than 300 black kites this season. Obviously the heat is affecting them. They don’t have shades, no sufficient water, so they get exhausted”.

The other birds affected by the weather are the, pigeons, jungle crows, house crows, black kites and brahmini kites.

The Karnataka Forest Department talk about a few initiatives taken for providing water and food for the birds.

Sanjay Mohan, the principal Chief Conservator of Forests of the Karnataka Forest Department, said, “In collaboration with BBMP wildlife rescuers and individual NGOs we have taken up this matter and tried to provide food and water in places like sanctuaries and tried to build water tanks for the birds. We have also tried to spread awareness to people for the first hand treatment of these birds when they are dehydrated. ”

The Environmentalists say how the water shortage in the city has been critical for the birds.

Yellappa Reddy, an environmentalist, said, “Lack of water in the lake affects birds in many ways. Urbanisation, pollution, all these factors have affected the water bodies and the homes, that is, the forests of these birds. The irregular rainfall and lack of water in water bodies affects the migration cycle of birds as well. It is important to take steps to protect the bird population in the city”.

Experts say the only way to save the city from losing its birds is to help them survive this summer.

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