Delay towards rejuvenation of lakes

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Hosakerehalli lake rejuvenation work has been going on for 3 years, causing inconvenience for residents of the area.

The condition of the Hosakerehalli Lake is deteriorating day-by-day due to delay in work by the Bengaluru Development Authority. Garbage has collected around the lake. The smell and mosquitoes has become a matter of inconvenience for those living nearby.

According to a resident of the area, Laxman, “Sometimes the BDA officials come here but they do not do the work. They just see the problem and go. We face a lot of problems due to the garbage formed around the lake like dirty smell, mosquitoes.”

According to the Sumathy, Assistant Executive Engineer, Bengaluru Development Authority Banashankari, “The responsibility of the rejuvenation of Hosakerehalli Lake was given to us in 2015. Fencing is not done around the lake. We have only limited quantity of the fences. So for that we need more quantity of the fences to cover the entire lake. We have made the estimation for extra fences. We have sent it for approval. But from our head office board meeting has to take place. We have put a temporary bund for non-diversion of sewage. But it is of loose soil so, due to rain, it becomes waste.”

According to Ram Prasad, co-founder of Friends of Lakes, an organization which focuses on several lakes of Bengaluru, “There are laws for lakes, encroachment being one of them. The government officials know what should be done but it has not been done. When it comes to the rejuvenation of lakes, water should be the only priority.”

The Bengaluru Development Authority assures that the rejuvenation of the lake will be completed in 1 or 2 months.

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