Dropping D in Bengaluru

Published on April 11, 2019 by

People of various age groups are facing deficiency of vitamin D these days. According to a report by US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, 70 out of 100 people suffer from vitamin D deficiency in Bengaluru. Irregular life style or schedules are the reasons behind it.

“I have been diagnosed with the deficiency after I went to the doctor for my constant fatigue and back ache. I move out in the sun but now my source of Vitamin D is tablets,” said Prajakta Sharma, a housewife.

Weak bones, fatigue, hair loss, muscle pain, etc are some symptoms of deficiency of vitamin D. According to the report, the prevalence of deficiency ranges from 80-90 per cent. Lack of vitamin D also increases risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It also leads to skeleton manifestations and Parkinson’s disease.

“Lifestyle matters. You can’t always say that my city has so much pollution so I can’t get enough vitamins from the nature. The best time to get Vitamin D naturally is one and half hour from the sunrise. That gives you the purest vitamin D which is more than enough from human body,” said Vijay Prakash, a doctor.

30 nanograms of 25-hydroxuvitamin D in blood plasma are considered as healthy amount according to specialists. Sufficient amount of exposure of skin to UV-B rays can help human body to get adequate amount of the vitamin.


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