Due to shortage of staff at general hospital of Harpanahalli patients suffer

Published on March 14, 2019 by

Since the last few years in the general Hospital of Harpanahalli there has been a shortage of doctors, nurses and other helping staff. It is the only hospital in the Taluk so all the people living in Harpanahalli and nearby villages come to this hospital only for their treatment. But due to the shortage of staff patients have to wait for a couple of days to get their treatment done.

Savita, mother of a patient told “My son was complaining about itching in his eyes from last few weeks. I came to this hospital last week but there were no doctors so they told me come today. But even today there is no one till now. The receptionist told me to wait for few more hours. There is no one to treat my son. We are just wasting our time and energy.”

Due to the huge shortage, so many people have stopped going to the general hospital. They instead travel for hours to the district hospital in Davangere to get their treatment done. Sumarmal Jain, a resident of Harpanahalli says “The situation has always been the same. There are no doctors to treat, no nurses or anyone else. Even the building is just made otherwise the building of the hospital was very old. No one from my family goes to this hospital anymore. I go to the district hospital which is Davangere any time if I need to see any doctor.”

Everyday 500-600 people visit the hospital but due to the shortage of staff patients suffer. There should be 10 doctors but only 6 are here, out of 10 only 4 nurses are there and still there is a vacancy of 3 office staff, says Officer in Charge of the hospital Venkatesh. Due to this not just the patients but the staff which is present there suffers. Pratap who is clerk at General hospital says that “sometimes we have to do overtime because there is a lot do but we don’t have people to do it. So we have to everything.”

Venkatesh, Officer in charge. General Hospital says “We have a shortage of staff. We still don’t have any ophthalmologist and cardiologist. The biggest problem is of nurses.”

Taluk health officer Dr. Renukaananda said “We are working on this. We have sent letters to the district. Probably by the end of this year, we will have a full staff. We are planning to hire staff on a contract basis.”

Due to the shortage of staff at the general hospital of Harpanahalli not just the patients but the staffs also faces problems. Dr. G Raghuvendra, Director District hospital said “We are familiar with the problem. We have employed people on a contract basis for now. There was no Gynaecologist and physicians but recently doctors came. Now we have the vacancy of ophthalmologist and cardiologist and staff nurses. Soon we will try to fill those vacancies as well.”



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