E-learning education affecting services of coaching classes

Published on March 31, 2021 by

Coaching classes are facing losses as online learning platforms gaining more popularity.


Bengaluru– The pandemic resulted in schools shut all across the globe. Background. Put the news first. And as a result , the learning changed dramatically, with a rise of of e-learning , whereby teaching is undertaken on digital platforms. The online learning platforms and Covid-19 pandemic affected the business of offline coaching classes .The coaching classes saw 50 percent decrease in the number of student joining coaching classes.


Sathya Pramod, Tutor says, “There has been decrease in the number of students in our classes, as they more comfortable with online learning. Also, the business is down by 50 percent because of the online learning apps.” Most of the coaching classes were unable to pay the rent of the infrastructure, as the business was less. Rivera ,tutor says, “Losses are there. We are holding such a big infrastructure and sitting here with less number of students. It is getting difficult for us.”


Parents and students have also welcomed this move towards e-learning platforms. Students say, they can access online learning content an unlimited times. And attend the lecture whenever they want with ease. Tarun P , whose child attend e-learning classes says, “We feel comfortable when our kids learn in front of us. The fee is also less as compared to coaching classes. Our child is saving time and gaining knowledge at the same time.”

Additionally,research shows that online courses have increased student retention rates from 25 percent to 60 percent.

Educationist , Dr Usha Devi says, “Most important thing is, children particularly lower level of schooling and small age group they need to be socialize. This dimension of learning is totally going to miss out when they adopt online learning. Virtually they are connected, but virtual experience is different from real time.”




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