Engineering students worry as placement approaches

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Turmoil in IT sector job market

Engineering students left with worry and anxiety as the IT job landscape fluctuates.


By Sunayana

Nov. 7, 2023


As placement season kicks in at most engineering colleges, information technology (IT) companies hold back on recruiting and continue to reduce the existing workforce. TechTarget said the IT industry increased its layoffs by 649 percent last year. Large recruiters like Infosys have also said that they won’t be doing campus hiring this year.  

Placement cells in colleges say the IT jobs landscape is changing due to the global economy and the growing dependence on artificial intelligence (AI). They say that this situation is affecting the process of placements for final year engineering students. Dr. Ranganatha, Dean, Placements and Training at Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering said, “students get into engineering programs and expect good jobs in the IT sector, where many students are dependent. A scenario like this gets them worried and makes them insecure.”

 He said that this year it is a problem because the companies have recruited employees in large numbers last year and the year before. As for the future, he said, “definitely the numbers will be better in the future but not to the extent where it was three or four years back.”

 IT experts say students must try finding alternative jobs beyond campus placements but engineering students say that this is a challenge. Likith KJ, a final year engineering student at Dayananda Sagar University explains the problem with off-campus placements, “it is all computer generated, like a computer does the shortlisting for you whether it is the resume shortlisting or something else. But in placements, there is an aptitude test which gives you a fair chance. Otherwise it is difficult because of the huge number of people who apply.”

Kunjal Kedia, another final year engineering student at Nagarjuna College says that placement cells should tie up with non-IT sector companies that are offering technical roles. She says this may ease the anxiety of students.

IT staffing experts say that students should focus on upskilling. Krishna Vij, IT Staffing Business Head at TeamLease says that most companies are attempting to reduce the overhead cost. As a result, they are looking for employees who have additional skill sets.

 She further said, “the academia and corporate should integrate and tell the engineering colleges that we are looking for certified and upskilled students so that the hiring can improve. Students should at least participate in a lot of industry events. They should start networking and also participate in a lot of hackathons which each of these companies organize. This is how the likelihood of getting a job as a fresher increases.”

 Naukri JobSpeak’s assessment from July shows the IT industry reported a 46 percent decline in new jobs created in July as compared to last year.It is indeed a growing concern for engineering students and freshers to find a sustainable job.


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