A hard line between merit and skills for engineering students

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Only 49 percent of engineers have employable talent according to the India Skill Report 2020.

Bangalore: Engineering students are finding it difficult to prove their merit in the industry. Many students struggle to find jobs even after graduating due to a lack of employable talent. 

Aditya Singh Nandawat, a final year engineering student said that the course should be updated as it is not skill-oriented. The syllabus of the engineering course is not relevant to the trend nowadays as it has a lot of theory.  He added, “Students are doing so many courses outside of the college and online just for the sake of a good resume.”

India Skill Report 2020 stated that there is only 49 percent of employable talent present in the engineering domain. These employable skills include domain knowledge and technological abilities among the graduates. Also, there is a decrease of 8.3 percent in employable talent from 2019.

Engineering was one of the most popular courses in 2019 with 38.52 lakh students enrolled in different institutes of the country. However, the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) 2019 found that nearly 80 percent of engineers do not get employment through college placements.

Dr Triveni, Head of the Department of Finance at Ramaiah University, said the education system is one of the major reasons for the decrease in employability. The skills which are required by the students are not getting upgraded as per the expectation of the industry. “The teachers first have to be trained with 21st-century skills set then only students are more exposed to these skills. Then it is easier to understand industry requirements,” she added. 

The National Employability Report Engineers stated that around three percent of engineers possess new-age skills in areas like Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, data engineering, and mobile technologies. 

Phani Tarang Kethana, head of growth at Lancify said, “Companies are no longer looking for college degrees, a lot more emphasis is given on the skills and knowledge.” # The recruitment process has totally changed. Now one has to apply the right piece of knowledge at the right time. “What we look for is skills rather than what we have done or what we have learned previously,” he added. 

S.G. Ashok Kumar, founder of Construction Management Training Institute said finishing schools help students to bridge this gap of skills before joining the industry. He said, “Ours is a custom-made course. We are taking the requirements from the industry, what they are going to do in the industry, the same thing we are teaching them.”

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