Hard Times Hover Around Movie Theatres

Published on March 26, 2021 by

Movie theatre owners say that their theatres are running in losses and their earnings are just enough to survive.

Bangalore: Movie theatres are in crisis post pandemic as earlier 400-500 people used to visit the theatres but now the number has been reduced to eight-nine people approximately.

Also new movies are not releasing anytime soon which in further is contributing to their losses. At the same time viewers also nowadays prefer to watch the movies on the various online platforms sitting comfortably at their homes.

Manwendra Singh, one of the owners of Cauvery theatre said,”Out of 100 percent we are bearing a loss of 90 percent now. Since the last 9-10 months we have been continuously seeing losses.”

Many theatres have also been closed permanently because they were unable to pay their staff and were not able to pay their revenues as well. Ashish Kedia, the manager of Abhinaya theatre said, ”Earlier 5,000-8000 tickets used to sell but now the number has reduced to its half. We are also following each and every protocol which has been laid

down by the government but still the situation tends to remain the same.”

Also it has been estimated according to the reports by the Movies producers Association that the movie owners have suffered a loss of Rs 200 crores since the last 2-3 months. And the worst affected was the single screen cinemas because more number of people prefer visiting the multiplexes more than the single screen cinemas.

Rahul Singh, a student by profession said,”We are getting a lot more options in the OTT platform these days rather than going and watching a movie in the theatres.”

Raju Iyer, a movie buff says,”Because of the pandemic, we have stopped visiting the movie halls. I have a small daughter at my home and so I have to be extra-careful. Also before the pandemic, I used to go regularly to watch the movies in the theatres but now I will not be going.”

Hopefully it will take some more time for the movie theatres to bounce back to regain its lost glory once again.

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