Increasing book sales in the city

Published on November 25, 2019 by

Despite the trend of reading online, book sales in the city are going up.

Book lovers in the city prefer picking up a copy of their favorite book. The bookstore owner says that E-books have not affected their sales much this year. Most of The book owners say that the sale has gone up by 12%.

Harshit Iyer, Head manager of Blossoms book store, “The sales of books have been good this year. We have got 3000 new books exported to us so that people can read a wide variety. E-websites & marketing are not affecting much because we are getting ample readers on a daily basis.”

As per the book store owners more and more readers are coming up for buying books. Readers say that physical books are better to read for time consumption and eyes.

Surbhi Desai, a reader said, “I like to read thriller & psychological books. I prefer buying books from bookstores because we get a wide variety of different authors on the same genre.”

As per the owners, people are more inclined towards reading fiction these days & that adds to the increase in their sale. Also, bookstores give them a wide variety to choose at the same time.

The expert says people should not be relied always on the phone and should read more books physically. Buying online has a risk of piracy while on the store one will get the original edition.”

Even though India has digitalized the old school way of book reading still exists.


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