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The reduced import of White Peas and green peas to India has been reflected in its price.

The price of peas in India has been increased by 60-70 per cent owing to a massive downfall in
import, thereby directly reflecting on the price. Srinivas N, Secretary of APMC, grains department,
said, “The reduced import of green peas and white peas from Iran to India has resulted in variation
in price percentages. As the relations between Iran and USA gets worsened and the clashes increased,
Iran has reduced its exports to other countries. The import duty has increased by 60 per cent on white
peas and 50 per cent on green peas. This has adversely impacted the prices. The trade from Iran has
reduced, so we are not getting the required surplus.”
India produces 2,292,700 metric tonnes of peas every year, but grade A and grade B products are
exported to other countries.

Arjun Shetty, CoFounder of Grocery Factory, said, “The price of peas was Rs. 60-70 per kg earlier,
now due to fewer imports, it has increased to Rs. 140-150 per kg. The demand is more in the market
and the supply is less as there is a small amount of goof quality peas present in the market. This is
affecting the business as well as the customers.”
The production of peas in India is enough to suffice the need of the country. But due to the export of
good quality seeds and peas to other countries, India imports peas from Iran.

Varshini Srinivas, Agri-Business Manager, said, “if the government decreases the import duty exerted
on green peas and white peas, then the actual price of the peas may come down. The State
government should also purchase the peas within the country rather than exporting A and B class peas
to other countries and selling grade C peas in the country.”
If India regulates the export of good quality peas grown in-country to other countries, the prices of
peas may come down.

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