KR Market’s businessmen face losses

Published on April 8, 2019 by

The shopkeepers in the market are on the verge of losing their livelihood
The businessmen in KR market’s old complex are facing losses of around 50-60%.The shopkeepers,
who could earn for their family easily, now find it difficult. The situation has been the same since the
last 2 years. The recent NOC from the fire department has lead to the closure of many shops and
hawkers in the market.
Pasha, a shopkeeper said “We have been in the complex more than 10-15 years. In the recent times,
with no proper amenities the customers aren’t coming to our shops. The way to our complex is
blocked. We want the exits to be opened properly. There are four entrances to the market, they
should be maintained too.”
There are broken steps, no lifts, garbage filled over the complex. There are people sleeping on the
steps which are one of the main causes why the customers also don’t prefer coming here.
A customer named Sana said “I keep coming here frequently as it we get all the required condiments
here. But coming here is quite a big task, as there is no proper maintenance. There is dust all over
the place. The place is very filthy and is there is garbage which gives out a foul smell.”
The shopkeepers complain that BBMP doesn’t take any proper action in regards to the maintenance.
The complex is crumpled with people and doesn’t have a way for the customers to come in.
Mehmood Khan, shopkeeper said “We have been carrying on with our business since our ancestors’
time. I am facing losses as the customers don’t prefer coming inside. They complete their shopping
from the vendors outside on the street. I haven’t been able to feed my family also in this regard.”
Officials say that they are working for the development of the market and will soon get a new look.
The demolition will still take around 15 days. As of now temporary changes are being done to the old
complex of the market.
Suresh, Public relations officer, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagire Palike said “With the new order, we
are going to make sure that the old complex will get a new look. The process will still take a year to
be completed and we’ll try our best to help the shopkeepers.”
Experts said that planning is essential in building any complex which houses many people
Anil Bhaskaran, Owner of Idea Architect said “A good planning results in good structuring of the
complex. We should make sure that the municipality should plan the way the complex looks like and
should make arrangements for the same.” No proper amenities leading to losses can be saved
through planning the structure

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