More than 60 stalls to celebrate the National Science Day

Published on February 28, 2019 by

NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences), in its 19th edition of national science day, had 60 exhibition stalls including art and craft work, done by mentally ill patients. Instructors in NIMHANS are giving vocational training since 1975 to mentally ill patients in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (PRS) after their treatment to make them more confident in society.

Muhammad Usman, who is an instructor (PRS) in NIMHANS said, “We have 12 sections under this department like leather section, bakery section, a printing section, candle section, carpentry and green skill section etc. After their treatment they come to our department, we then make them busy to make some articles. We later sell those articles in the market and give Rupees two thousand as an incentive to the patients. All this helps the patients to build their confidence.” He added that when the patients become skilled NIMHANS gives them jobs of Rupees Fifteen Thousand per month on a contract basis.

“These all the products are made by patients. We train the patients and makes them engage into activities. Improvement is seen in patients due to all this. We can see their talents despite the different problems they have,” Shrinivas, an Instructor working with NIMHANS, said.

As of now, there are 106 patients in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services.

Sherin, a PhD student (NIMHANS) said, “We focus on the functionality of the patients than their disability so that we can make them more productive for society. Here we have certain items prepared by our patients. We are engaging them in some other skill training also like money management and anger management. This will help them to work in the community.”


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