Motor Driving training costs to rise by 30 percent in Bangalore.

Published on March 6, 2021 by

Soaring fuel prices in the city decrease the business of motor driving schools.

By Shreya Asopa| March 7, 2020

Bengaluru: The cost of driving lessons in the city is set to become more expensive with the rise in fuel prices. Moreover, driving schools have reduced their training sessions from 20 classes to 16 classes in a week.

Devaraja KT, owner of Raj Motor Driving School said, “Before petrol prices used to be Rs. 56 to Rs. 57, so we used to conduct the classes for Rs. 3500 for training with license, then we used to conduct it for Rs. 6,500. Now that the petrol prices have gone up even more, we are planning to increase it to Rs. 8,500.”

The increase in the training costs makes it difficult for aspiring learners to opt for training. Raghu R., a learner said, “Even Rs. 6500 is difficult to pay for training and now they are planning to increase it to Rs. 8000-Rs. 9000.”

Driving school owners are also concerned about the proposed amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules. The rules mandate that schools should have an infrastructure of at least two acres besides adequate parking area for the vehicles meant to be used for training.

Syed Ahmed, the owner of  Driving School,  said that the government privatising everything is a concern for us. “We have lost 70 percent of our business.”

An expert said that the notification for accredited driving centres would help the government keep a check on the unqualified schools.

According to market analyst Vishal Gehlot, accredited driving centres would increase the competition among the schools and the customers may see a hike in their training costs. He also said, “The students who have secured a certificate from accredited driving school would be exempted from performing driving tests. This can raise the issue of learning credibility whether the student has learnt enough to do away with tests for the license.”

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