People’s personal data and payments go at stake.

Published on February 4, 2019 by

Putting people’s personal data and money at stake, PSB loan in 59 Minutes is connected to the official GST website that promises to provide MSME loans with a payment of 1000 with the tax of 180 rs and personal details within 59 minutes.

People who have availed this facility say that they got the confirmation messages but didn’t receive any information about the processing of the loan.

“I have applied for the loan on PSB59 through GST portal. To access the facility from the company, I paid 1,100 and submitted all my personal details like income tax, GST details. I got an immediate reply to thank you for registering and under process. After that the bank which I selected for loans didn’t reply nor the PSB59minutes loan.” said Shravan Bafna, Business Man

Banks say that this service does not make acquiring loans any easier.

“I would rather suggest people to directly approach the bank because anyway we follow our procedure. Moreover, you do not have to pay extra and provide your personal business data to anyone. We stick to our process. “ said Arun Kumar, Bank Manager

This website doesn’t answer why people didn’t get the loans and yet, people’s personal data and payments go at stake.


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