Petrol pumps under pressure for air pressure

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Commuters struggle to find puncture shops as petrol pumps fail to provide free air pressure checks to vehicles.

Bangalore: Many petrol pumps on the outskirts of Bengaluru are unable to provide basic facility as free air pressure checks to the commuters. The commuters complain about the struggle to go looking for a puncture shop to get their vehicle tyre pressures checked.

An article explained customer rights at petrol bunks. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas mandates the petrol pumps to provide free facilities like air pressure checks, free washrooms and access to clean drinking water. Mr Arvind Shetty, an HPCL Dealer in Bangalore said, “The petrol pumps are managed by the Association. There are periodic checks to see if the functioning of petrol pumps is according to the rules. The air pressure facility also comes under the clause. If we are found flouting the norms, we are charged with a fine of Rs 10,000. Subsequently, if the petrol pumps are still defaulting, their license is cancelled”.

Managers of an Indian Oil Petrol station in Kengeri, Prassana V.  said that due to low business during the lockdown, they are unable to support the staff in full capacity. Now the staffers they have to fill petrol usually double up for the air pressure checks. Essar petrol pump in Kumbalgodu, Manager K. Vishwa said that their air checking unit is dysfunctional and nobody from the Association has come to check and repair it. Therefore, they cannot offer the facility currently.

On the contrary, commuters claimed it to be a regular happening. “It is very problematic to go and look for puncture shops every time I want to get the my bike tyres checked. Especially when I am going for work or have to go somewhere urgently, it is very time consuming”, said Sharne V.

Traffic Advisor and Expert M.N. Srihari said that the authorities are eventually becoming more vigilant to keep checks on petrol pumps because the commuters are entitled to certain free rights and the oil provider is responsible for the same.

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