Pink toilets still a dream for Bengalureans

Published on January 21, 2020 by

Despite promises, pink toilets do not see the light of the day.

Women in the city have a long wait for specially designed toilets despite 2 years of their

Nikita from Karnataka State Commission for Women and Child Welfare said, “We had made
a recommendation to the government to establish pink toilets in Bengaluru city and then
state-wide. They have not made any progress with this initiative.”

The government’s initiative of women-friendly pink toilets aims to provide better facilities
than public toilets. Some of the facilities of pink toilets include clean washrooms with
Indian and Western toilets, low-stature toilets and bowls for youngsters, appropriate lighting,
simple signage, 24*7 lady caretaker, helpline numbers on sheets, disabled-friendly with the
availability of ramps, private child-care room, and sanitary napkin vending machines. A survey conducted by the Asia Foundation found that Bangalore has 1100 fewer public toilet complexes than is needed.
Neelakshi, a homemaker said, “I don’t use a public toilet because it is never clean. So, if the
the government can introduce something for the women then it would help everyone.”

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) recommended opening
pink toilets in Karnataka on a pilot basis after Delhi Municipal Corporation initiated its first
pink toilet initiative in 2017.

Malage Vishwanatha from Sulabh International said, “Around 1000 new toilets are going to
be built around the city along with them pink toilets should also be introduced. Pink toilets
will be helpful for women with easy access and privacy.”

Marzina Rehman, a gynecologist said, “Women are left with no choice but to use public
toilets. The government should take the initiative seriously and come up with something to
minimize the health hazard.”

Pink toilets are a necessity for the country’s women. As the initiative is being delayed,
women continue to suffer in silence.

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