Power cuts in the city puts people in distress.

Published on April 8, 2019 by

Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) is facing power shortages as it is reaching peak load causing power cuts all across Bengaluru city.

People in the city are facing multiple power cuts due to power shortages. This is causing a distress in their daily lives. Mr Harish, Banashankari Resident said, “Almost every morning when I have to go to work we don’t have electricity. It gets very difficult to cook, bathe and iron clothes if there is no electricity. Plus it’s so hot; we can’t even turn the fan on.”

The BESCOM reports said that they are facing a power shortage of 1820 MW as the demand for power increased during summer. The reports said the highest peak load for January of 5,597 MW was recorded on January 22; 2019. It was 5,690 MW on February 19 2019. On March 1, the figure touched 5,841 MW where the average peak load was 4353.6MW.

Shikha.C, managing director BESCOM said, “One of the reasons is because there is a rise in demand apart from the usage of air-conditioners. As the temperature is raising the problems faced by major power generating stations is also increasing. The power disruptions were area specific as BESCOM has been undertaking development works.”

Residents of Bannerghatta, Banashankari, Hennur, Ejipura and many more are facing power cuts. Residents say that powers cuts are generally for around two to three hours without any schedule. Residents also say their children struggle to study for their exams due to no electricity hence they have to buy alternatives. Also with the temperature touching 37°C in Bengaluru, people struggle to survive without a fan or an AC.

“People can use biomass, solar, water, and air resources to generate more electricity. There has to more encouragement and investment in this sector by the government. Firstly, people should have awareness to not waste electricity, this one of the major reasons why Bengaluru is facing electricity shortages. Especially during summer people turn on the ACs and do not bother switching it off after it’s cool.” Yellappa Reddy, Environmentalist and Renewable Energy expert said.

The BESCOM officials said that they are working on fixing the power issues and the situation should get better in one or two months.

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