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Property owners in Anchepalya are not happy with the new metro construction in the area fearing that it would lead to business loss.

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) has decided to demolish shops and houses on the Chikkabidarakallu road for the construction of the new phase 2 metro station.

Owners of the shops lining the main road are not happy as they say this will lead to a business loss.

Gopal K, a shop owner, said, “There will be a huge loss for us as we have to again start our business in a new place from scratch. Also, it (business) won’t be the same as it was on the main road”.

Many shops have already been demolished in the area for building the parking area.

Shubhodeep Mondal, civil engineer working as part of the BMRCL construction team, said, “There has been no final decision but we are thinking of constructing the parking lot in this area. The demolition work has been started from the past 10 days. Compensations have been given”.

With some complaining about the business loss, other shop owners whose shops have been demolished say they have not been compensated by the BMRCL properly.

Harish R, a shop owner, said, “We have been compensated but not as per market standards. We are planning to put an appeal in the court for higher compensation. They have already demolished the area but there has been no business loss compensation”.

The BMRCL has promised to compensate the shop owners as per the market standards soon.

Yeshwanth Chavan, Chief Public Relations Officer, BMRCL, said, “The compensation will be given according to the Land Acquisition Act within a few months. As far as the construction work is concerned, it will take about 36 months to complete”.

Lawyer said that the BMRCL should compensate the shop owners as per the market standards after it issues a notice to them.“BMRCL needs to issue a notification stating that this property is required for its purpose. Then they need to issue a notice to each land owner and pay the compensation. Only then they can take over the property. They should be compensated according to or more than the market standards. If they have proper documents of the shop or the land, only then they can be compensated.”

Though metro construction in the area is a sign of development, the businessmen are still at loss.

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