Technology lures children away from playgrounds

Published on April 8, 2019 by

Playgrounds are forgotten, children stick to their phones during their play time. Technology addiction among children is on a rise. Psychologists say excessive use of technology has a negative effect on their mental health.

“Technology addiction cases among children over the past years have seen a rise with more parents approaching for treatment. Initially in 2014, we saw 1 or 2 cases per week but now the number has gone up by 8 to 9 cases per week,” said Dr Manoj, Counselor at Service for Healthy use of technology (SHUT).

He added, “Online games, especially the multi-player games like PubG is the most common cause of technology addiction these days.”

The parents tell they allow their children as they don’t have any other choice. “My child is always on the phone playing games or browsing internet. Google search is my child’s first preference to any doubts instead of teachers or fellow friends. She gets distracted to other social media sites during her study time. Her academic performance has gone down. She is irregular to school,” said Nisha Subramaniam, a parent of a victim of technology addiction.

The children say that most of them are on their phones as there is nobody to play with and trying different games on the phone is merrier than playing. No quotes from the children?

Parents complain obesity, mental distress and depression are quite common among children. “My child is always on the phone playing online games; he finds it difficult to socialize,” said Anju Mishra, a parent of Technology addiction victim

Psychologists say treating technology addiction among childen is difficult due to lack of awareness among parents.

Technology addiction among children leads to communication gaps in the family, children become isolated. Anxiety and depression are common mental health issues that affect them. At school they hardly interact with students or teachers and are reluctant to attend schools,” said Patrecia Pritam, an educationist.


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