The Indira canteen chaos

Published on March 21, 2019 by

Dr. G Parameshwara, Karnataka deputy chief minister visited the Indira canteen and kitchen at Deepanjali Nagar and Nayandanahalli this morning to ensure that the food being served was of good quality.

This was after Umesh Shetty, a BJP leader accused the canteen of selling bacteria and fungus infected food.

Shakti Patil, BBMP – Indira Canteen Monitoring officer said, “We get around 300 people for breakfast and 300 for lunch. Most of these people are working laborers, for dinner, we get around 150 people.”

Nareshappa, an employee at Yeshwanthpur Indira Canteen said, “We get around 15 – 20 people a day, some days we have more. It goes maximum up to 30 people a day.”

At Nayandanahalli, the residents complained about how the canteens and kitchen have been cleaned only over the last 3 days.

Muniraja and Laxmi, residents of Nayandanahalli said, “You should come here without informing them. They have cleaned up the entire place before you came. No one wears these caps while cooking, no cleanliness is maintained.”

While the quality of the food cooked and served is being questioned, there is a tussle over water used by the canteen people and of the residents in Nayandanahalli.


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