Timely Deliveries Is What We Seek

Published on December 3, 2020 by

Some of the Major e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra take a longer time to deliver their products in Assam.

Digboi: The people of Assam are unhappy as they are not getting their required online products on time. Customers are very much upset because their Diwali shopping did not reach them on time. As a result more than 20- 30 percent of customers are affected, a quick survey showed.

I had ordered a few decorative items for Diwali but till now my order has not yet reached. Even I tried contacting the Customer care of Flipkart but the reply is not at all satisfactory. As a result I am very much dissatisfied with their response hence I am thinking to shift from online to offline” says Sahil Bannerjee, a student .

Kunal Mitra , a Medical representative by profession added, “ The products which we had ordered for Diwali, have not yet reached us. Be it Amazon or Flipkart all are same in their service. And hence we have shifted to offline.”

The people who are connected with various e- commerce companies agree. Tanisha Subramanium , a Flipkart executive said that the products are getting delayed because of the issues of transportation and distance. At the same time Covid factor is responsible for the same and hence they are trying their level best to solve it as soon as possible.

Karan Das, who works as a Executive Officer in Myntra said,”In case of Assam because of transportation protocols the deliveries are getting delayed. We are trying our best to improve the transportation and the inventory facilities.”

    Customers are indeed facing a tough time as they are not getting their required products on time and specially which they had ordered on diwali. As a result helplessly they are now switching to offline mode.


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