Up scaling Bangalore’s art

Published on February 8, 2019 by

Artists and craftsman in Bangalore are using their creativity to spread awareness about the environment by making products out of recyclable materials.

In December 2018, Bangalore hosted a first of its kind eco-friendly music festival called The Echoes of Earth. Raw material like waste cloth, plastic bottles, scrapped wood, glass bottles were used to build the infrastructure of the venue.

In order to save the environment, combined efforts from the sellers and buyers are needed. Many outlets have opened up in Bangalore that operates based on this combined effort.

Shailaja Rangaranan owner of ReImagined, an up scaling product store in Indiraganagar said, “We sell products from artists that use eco-friendly raw materials. We sell products like bed sheets and bags made out scrapped denim. They all are easily available because most of it is donated to us from our customers .”

There are many dance troops like Aayana Dance Company that perform plays and dance dramas with aim of spreading awareness about the environment. From dancers to street painters like Baadal Nanjundaswamy, the artist who painted potholes in Bangalore, many are becoming artistic icons to save our environment.

Oorja, a company that sells lights, uses banana peels as raw materials to make paper and this paper is then used to make the lamps. Their love for materials, craftsmanship and sustainable living reflects on their products.

Tanisha Chauhan, a customer at Oorja said, “Oorja makes really beautiful lamps; I own many products from their store. These products are not that expensive as the cost of making them is lesser. The most important thing is the satisfaction of contributing to a sustainable environment while ensuring good interiors”.

Yellappa Reddy, an environmentalist said, “It is good that people are finding new ways to spread awareness about the environment; we need such enthusiasts. At this point, we need to spread awareness on a regular basis; we need a lot of people to have knowledge of how to keep the environment sustainable.”

By creating art with awareness, Bangalore seems to have found another way to save its environment.


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