A Sigh of relief for metro passengers

Published on November 20, 2019 by

No more queues to buy tickets at the metro, BMRCL has plans to make metro traveling easier.
There are limited metro ticket counter staff and discarded ticket-vending machines at the major metro stations. BMRCL plans to launch a mobile app to recharge metro cards. Currently, it takes up 5 to 10 minutes to get a ticket at counters of the major metro stations, especially in the office-rush hours.
Ashwini Gowda, a regular metro passenger said, “I’m a regular passenger in the metro, I use my card instead of tokens though there 4-5 counters but only 1 available staff hence there is always a long queue at the counter at the rush hours and its difficult to catch the metro on time, it creates huge chaos and in my knowledge there’s not a single ticket vending machine.”
There are forty-one metro stations in the city. On an average of four lakh, passengers board the metro every day.
Yashwant Chavan, Public Relation Officer, BMRCL stated, “There are metro smart cards for regular passengers, we are coming up with a new telephonic metro app that where you can recharge your cards also a program where you can see your value in the card and there is a limitation of the recharging the amount in the card hence it will make it easier.”

Ticket Vending Machines are out of service since demonetization and the new currency notes. It will be introduced again with new denominations or if it would be cost-efficient we may uninstall all the old ones.
Experts say BMRCL should make it easy for the passengers to travel as there’s a huge crowd in metros. Coming up with an app is a better solution to it.

Karan Jaiswal, IT expert said, “TVM will help in reducing the queue as it hardly takes a minute or half more to withdraw a token from it, hence it would be beneficiary for the passengers in all way.”
BMRCL stated that they will upgrade the TVM software WITH the denomination currency and it will soon be in service.

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