Fencing is been cut at Bengaluru-Mysore highway

Published on November 13, 2023 by

Broken Fence makes way for more jaywalkers and accidents

Fences are been cut at Bengaluru-Mysore highway, this is illegal as it is a access-controlled highway.

The fence along the highway is cut and many drivers take advantage of this by stopping on the expressway. Bengaluru-Mysore highway is a fenced road to prevent jaywalking and accidents.

Prajwal Gowda, a commuter said,” While we are travelling from Bengaluru to Mysore if we want to have coffee\tea or food we don’t have any hotels in this route, so we stop at the hotels where the fence is cut and we get access to the hotel.”

Recently a leopard died after being struck by a passing vehicle on the Bengaluru-Mysuru expressway and this increases in number of jaywalkers due to cutting of fences.

Regional officer of NHAI says they are not able to prevent cutting of fences. It is a access controlled highway and the main intention behind fencing this highway is to avoid jaywalkers and animals entering it.

V.P. Brahmankar, Regional officer of NHAI, Bengaluru said, ”In case of access-controlled highways, we put compound walls or grilled fences. There are many cases of breaking those fences. In such cases we file police complaints in local police stations.”

Traffic expert says this creates a lot of problems.

M N Sreehari, Traffic Advisor and Consultant said, ”They constantly require people’s supervision and monitoring. For National highways we are given sufficient vehicles to go on patrolling. People who come to sell things open the fence to cross the road from one side to other. Due to this lot of accidents are taking place. To avoid this, they need to install cameras and police should patrol frequently and book cases.”



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