Amusement parks water, a medium for water borne diseases

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Amusement Parks water, a medium for water borne diseases

Customers say they faced skin and eye infections after visiting the water parks

Bangalore: Diseases like diarrhea, vomiting, skin rashes and respiratory illness are caused by water parks because of not changing water regularly, officials claim. They say water parks are supposed to change water in every five hours but not following it are leading to people falling sick.

Ms Tejaswini Sundereshan a customer who went to a water park recently said “I went to a water park with my friends. After coming back from the water park, I noticed that I had rashes in my hands and face.”  I immediately showed it to a doctor and the doctor said it was a bacterial infection caused by water, she added.

According to Amusement park association, India there are more than 50 registered amusement parks with water rides and one of the managers from a waterpark  said that they change water in the evening once and then in the morning before the water park opens. In between they don’t get time to change water because of the crowd.

A survey by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that between 2000- 2014 there are more than 500 cases reported of water borne diseases.  Experts say if the use of chemicals like chlorine is not at the correct level then it might invite diseases in human beings.

Dr. Pallavi, a medical practitioner says, the most commonly reported diseases are diarrhea and vomiting and skin allergies like rashes.” People with weaker immunity, children and people with health issues are the most affected.

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