Garbage burning causing breathing issues, Narayana Nagar

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Residents complaints that garbage is only collected once a week by BBPM

The people of Narayan Nagar near Doddakallasandra are complaining about the daily garbage burning in the area.

Thejus Dixon a resident of Narayan Nagar complains, "The entire area is filled with white toxic smoke from burning plastic and other dry waste for hours every day and it’s making us sick. My
grandfather has difficulties breathing and a lot of people here feel irritation in the eyes and become watery eyes because of the smoke.”

Nikhil another resident of Narayana Nagar also complained that “waste gets burned because it is collected just once a week.”

However, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) officials responded that they collect the waste every day.

Gangadhar. S, a senior health inspector said “People who are not able to segregate the waste are the people who dump it on the side of the road and burn it. If BBMP finds the people responsible for it we will fine them from Rs.200 – 500 If the quantity of waste is more then we fine up to Rs.1000.”

He also added that they are unable to find the people responsible for burning the garbage.

Every day Bangalore generates 5,500-6,000 metric tonnes of waste according to a 2022 report by BBMP. However, there are only 150 dry waste collection centres, which can only handle one tonne of waste on average.

Padmashree Balaram, an environmentalist said “There are two most crucial steps in waste management. One is the efficient collection and transportation and the other is a very good source of segregation. Unless waste is segregated nothing is going to work.”

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