Karnataka saw an increase in hypertension among youngsters

Published on November 6, 2023 by

Karnataka’s youth grapple with surging hypertension rates, sounding an alarming health concern in the region.


In recent years, Karnataka has witnessed a disconcerting surge in hypertension cases, with Health and Family Welfare Department data revealing a marked 20 percent increase in this prevalent condition. What’s particularly alarming is the substantial diagnosis among the younger demographic, where 18 percent of youngsters have been identified as sufferers of this ailment.

The findings from recent health assessments shed light on the worrisome trend within Karnataka’s population. Notably, the prevalence of hypertension, traditionally associated with older age groups, has now extended its reach to encompass a significant portion of the younger generation.

Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, is a chronic medical condition characterized by elevated blood pressure levels. It poses a significant risk to an individual’s health, as it can lead to severe complications such as heart disease, stroke, and other life-threatening conditions.

“I was diagnosed with hypertension back in 2022 and it was kind of scary as it is related to your heart and when you go and look it out on internet it will show you many different reasons which might scare you. I had to change my diet, my physical activities were also affected because of this. I also faced problems with my vision, headache sentence structure and sometimes when blood shoot up my body starts to shiver” said Akshay Verma, a young twenty two year patient of hypertension.

Doctors say hypertension further leads to many health risks like diabetes, obesity and major health risks related to cardiovascular diseases leading to heart attack. “When the BP shoots up which is persistent for longer time, it can lead to stroke, heart attack, kidney disease and it can affect all other parts of the body also. Earlier, one or two decades previous, it was older people who used to have more cases of heart attacks now it is the younger generation that are having the heart attack and it’s not only the hypertension even the kidney diseases, diabetes, obesity, all these risk factors are more prevalent in present generation,” said Dr Madhusudana N., Consultant Cardio Thoriac and Vascular Surgeon, BGS Global Hospital.

The major factors which lead to hypertension are genetics tendency and family history of this issue, unhealthy dietary choices, sedentary lifestyles and increased reliance on technology lead to decreased physical activity, promoting weight gain and poor cardiovascular health and rising stress levels among the younger generation. “Educating people that timely health check-ups are essential so when people come to us early, dietary in lifestyle changes can support them with their hypertension but if it is uncontrollable, medications would help them with their hypertension,” said Dr Ankit P Bhojani, General Medicine Consultant Physician, Unique Healthcare Centre.

Addressing these factors through lifestyle changes, better dietary habits, stress management, increased physical activity, and regular health check-ups can significantly reduce the risk and prevalence of hypertension among younger individuals. But if this continues to happen, we may put an entire generation at risk of cardiac diseases.

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