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Most shops in Bangalore dispose animal waste in an unscientific way, which leads to pollution and increase in number of stray dogs.


Animal waste in the city is being dumped unchecked. Bangalore has 3,850 registered and unregistered meat shops. Together they produce 45.7 tonnes of animal waste daily. On weekends this quantity shoots up to as much as 87.6 tonnes of biodegradable waste. But where does this massive waste go? One of the meat shop owners in K.R. Market has some answers.

“We sell fish and chicken from here. Whatever waste we produce, it is taken in a truck to Hosur, Tamil Nadu. BBMP doesn’t come to collect waste from us. It takes the waste from nearby vegetable vendors and leaves. In such situations, we have to find a way.” says V. Babu, a meat shop owner in K.R. Market.

The BBMP in October announced a scheme where they would start collecting the animal waste from such vendors. They planned to charge a certain fee and take responsibility of scientifically disposing this harmful waste. The Joint Commissioner of Solid Waste Management, BBMP says, “We had planned to implement the collection plan throughout the city but due to lack of work force on our front and issues in the fees, it is still under initial stage. We are working in order to make it feasible for all.”

Many small scale meat shop owners in the city dump the animal waste with regular, domestic waste. This leads to foul smell for the passersby and local residents as experts have pointed out. “The animal waste is really harmful for the environment if it is not disposed properly. It releases toxic gases and foul smell. These people (the shopkeepers) throw the waste in lake buffer zones. Animal waste needs to be disposed in a very precise way.” says Sandeep Anirudhan, an environmentalist.

Improper disposal of animal waste is a harmful practice against nature and it is a pain for the citizens who dwell in such areas.

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