Are railway tracks still a graveyard?

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A large number of deaths are happening due to trespassing on the railway tracks

Arti Peethambaran

Bangalore, October 15, 2019-10-15

There is an increase in the number of deaths taking place on the railway tracks of Bangalore. According to the RPF(expand), in 2018, 1139 people were killed on railway tracks in 2018 compared to 1246 that have already died this year. Out of this because of trespassing on The Kengeri, Nayandahalli and Majestic areas were the worst affected with 486 people being killed in 2018 and 768 in 2019.

“The roads are too long, therefore, to go faster I cross from the tracks. Sometimes people also die while doing this,” said Gangamma, a commuter. Despite the warnings, people still cross the railway tracks leading to fatal accidents and even death.

Trespassing on the railways premises including the tracks is a punishable offence under Section 147 of the Railway Act, 1989, with imprisonment up to six months or a fine up to Rest. 1000. “To reduce the death, we are stopping with the level crossing either it will be underpass or over the bridge because maximum deaths happen on the level crossings. In patrolling, our staffs are counselled to be careful as in maintenance also some people get run over”, says Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh, GM, South-West Railways.

. “The problem with any railway station in Bangalore is that there is hardly any foot-over-bridge. There should be at least two foot-over bridges or railway under the bridge so that people do not trespass. Every month a minimum of 2 two death cases occur and a lot of physical accidents happen”, Pradeep KS, member of the Bangalore Sub-Urban Railway Association.

The South-West Railway is the only division within Indian Railways to achieve the mark of no unmanned level crossings three months ago to decrease the death rates happening on the tracks.

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