Ayushman Bharat dismissal in Private Hospitals

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Private hospitals still to get impaneled with Ayushman Bharat scheme in the city.

There are only 35 private hospitals impaneled with Ayushman Bharat.

Patients are mostly unaware of the benefits or end up paying more at these hospitals.

Shri Dakshyani, Patient at BGS hospital, said, “I came here as it’s nearby, and there are not all the facilities in the govt. hospitals I got a 40% here.”

The scheme is made available across all the government and impaneled private hospitals.

Only BBP families are provided with free treatment. APL cardholders need to pay 70% of the hospital bills. This scheme doesn’t include the daily expenses.

PRO of GIMS hospital said, “We are yet not impaneled with the scheme, we have applied for it but the inspection and other procedures are still ongoing.”

The annual health cover of Rs 1.5 lakh a year for a BPL family of five with additional assistance of Rs.50,000 in some cases is enhanced to Rs.5 lakh a year per family in the state.

S Balasundar, Health officer said, “Some private hospitals don’t want to get connected to the government schemes because of profit earnings. More and more hospitals should be impaneled with this scheme so that more and more patients could be benefited.”

Even the scheme is effective but yet the implementation as a whole is yet to be done.

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