Belandur lake is still encroached

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Despite the recommendation made by the NGT committee to clear the encroached area for lake rejuvenation people residing near the Bellandur lake  are yet to be shifted to the new inhabitation in Marathahalli. “We are living here for 40-50 years and they were making flats in Marathahalli which is not in a good condition. We are all set here for years working nearby’’ said Mr. Rani, resident of Belur Ambedkar Nagar near Belandur lake.


NGT committee report suggest that for the lake rejuvenation program

Shifting the residence inhabiting the area is crucial. 200 residents nearby the lake were to be shifted in the month of September this year, yet majority of them stayed.  “We are fighting for the good houses to be provided to the slum people. If you give good place in a good environment, then people are ready to go.’’ said Mr. V. Krishnappa , president Bangalore district KKNSS , NGO looking after the resettlement of slum dwellers.


Experts however suggests that the not only the slums but also individual houses and apartment nearby are contributing to water pollution. They say that the proper sewage treatment could help cure the water pollution inhabiting from the slum area. Mr. M.Kumar, Assistant professor for environmental studies at Bangalore University said, “Even the slum area is the same thing like individual houses …this is the situation in the entire city so we can blame them… The quality of water what they are using, so finally it will end up using waste water , that is called the sewage water …So whatever the waste water how it is treated so they can recycle for flushing purpose and remaining for gardening ..So water consent for Pollution control board says is the zero discharge content…” Banglore development Authority has made the commitment to rejuvenate the Belandur Lake completely by May 2021 following the action plan drafted by NGT which also considersby resettling the slum people inhabiting nearby the lake.


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