Beware of unscientific speed breakers

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Beware of unscientific speed breakers

There are illegal speed breakers in the city which causes accidents as they are not under the Indian Road congress (IRC) guidelines.

Arti Peethambaran

Bangalore, October 1, 2019-10-01

According to the 2017 report published by the Traffic department, 2537 accidents took place because of the speed breakers. Illegal speed breakers in the city are not in proper structure and create trouble for drivers.

Some of the speed breakers in the city do not follow prescribed dimensions and have not been painted to make them visible.  “The height of the speed breakers is more and the touches the vehicle. It is not properly visible. I get back pain. The tires get damaged,” says Mr. Tiruwana Kashi, a construction worker.

“In the Bangalore city, there are so many illegal speed breakers. BBMP has taken it very seriously to remove all the unscientific ones and covering it to the scientific ones as per the Indian Road Congress (IRC) guidelines,” said Mr. Soma Shekhar, chief engineer of BBMP.

The humps on the roads are supposed to be 3.7m wide and 0.10m high. Besides, the speed breakers should clearly have alternative black and white bands with warning signboards placed 40m ahead. The minimum distance between the two speed breakers should be between 100 and 120 meters.

“Most of the speed breakers in Bangalore are not designed as per the standards of the IRC. There is quite a lot of variation in the design and that leads to the congestion by the speed breakers or accidents. There are even cases of death,” said Mr. R.Rajagopalan, professor at IIIT.

There are no proper speed breakers in front of schools and hospitals in the city. It is very important  for the speed breakers to have  proper warning signs on them to reduce the accident cases.






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