‘Bonding lonely trees and lesser Mortals’

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Photojournalist K. Venkatesh hosted his 28th photo exhibition in Karnataka Chitrakala parishad of Bengaluru .The title of the theme was ‘Bonding lonely trees and lesser Mortals.’ The theme focused on the status of trees in the city, drawing a parallel with the status of transgender community in today’s world.

  1. Venkatesh, the artist of the exhibition said, “This is my 28th exhibition, the theme is to cover two parallels, how the city of Bengaluru is neglecting its tree and how the society is neglecting the status of transgender, the message is to the city of Bengaluru for a better tomorrow”.

The transgender community in India has been recently added as a third gender under the landmark decision of Supreme Court on 15th April, 2014. Sumitra , from the transgender community, said, “I want to thank Mr. Venkatesh for the work he has been doing with us, we want reservation from the government so that we can work and prove our existence before the society questions our existence , no one is perfect but everyone is equal.”

The event was inaugurated by the former chairman of Karnataka state commission of backward class. C S Dwarakanath, former chairman of Karnataka state commission of backward class, said, “I’m very happy with Venkatesh’s work, when I was working with the ministry I have suggested reservation for transgender community”

The exhibition had more than 40 pictures representing the transgender community of Bengaluru. As a part of his yearly exhibition, Mr. Venkatesh’s last year exhibition dealt with the K.R market which showed the market in night light.

Photo journalist Venkatesh has covered 5 models, Stella, Sumitra, Dipu, Sushmita, and Laya from the community to create the awareness. Namrata, one of the visitor of exhibition, said, “I think this event will help with the exposure of this community which has been neglected for so long.”

Mr. Rajesh, Sangamma NGO, said, “Transgender should be uplifted by giving them basic facilities like reservation, to being with. And the main stream media plays an important role in portraying them how they are rather than how we want them to be.


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