Burning of dry leaves takes the life of a three year old

Published on April 8, 2019 by

On 5 th of March a three year old girl fell into the burning dry leaves and died due to more
than 70 percent burns in her body. Tabriz.S, inspector, Shivaji Nagar police station said “The
case has been closed and after all the procedure being completed, the constable who lost
his three years old daughter sent a whatsapp text in the police whatsapp group complaining
about the lack of maintenance and irresponsibility of the Sub-Inspector in charge. He
blamed the inspector for his lost lastly.”

Around 6 in the evening she was playing outside and there was a pile of dry leaves which
was set on fire. She fell into it and burnt. The workers who usually clean the area set the pile
of dry leaves on fire. Jyotikala, quarter in-charge said “The workers cleaned the area and
they collected the leaves and dumped it a place. The workers set it on fire later without my

The family has left their quarter for a while and went to their native place.
Geeta, neighbor of the victim says “The girl was active child and was always happy. We are
really sad for what happened. Mostly the area is cleaned all the time. They always pick up
all the garbage and dry leaves. But this time I don’t know.”

Due to the ignorance of the workers innocent three year old lost her life.


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