Christian teachers request for election duty exemption

Published on April 10, 2019 by

In view of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, the teachers have asked exemption
Karnataka will vote for next Lok Sabha elections on April 18, the day before Good Friday
which is considered to be sacred in the Christian community. The Christian teachers ask
for exemption from the election duty on that date.
Dorothy, teacher from RTC girls’ high school said “Maundy Thursday and Good Friday is
something that is considered sacred by us. We have asked for exemption long ago, not
today but still they have given us the duty. It comes once in a year. If we will be given
election duty, we will be left with no option and can’t attend church and do the prayers.”
The Block Education Officer (BEO) said she has requested for the exemption of about
194 teachers and still no action has been taken against it. Prabha Alexander said”We,
Christian teachers have passed an order on March 18 to not give us the election duty. I
have requested for 194 teachers to be taken of the election duty but they have got the
orders again.
There was a letter sent both on 17 th and 18 th of March. The letters were rejected twice.
Now they are still awaiting the reply. P. William, social worker said”On behalf of all the
Christian teachers, we have put in plea to exempt them from the election duty. We are
waiting for the order that will come in this evening which will send to all the DCs of the
Both Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are considered to be sacred as it is considered
to be the last day Jesus had supper with his disciples. The teachers are demanding
exemption as they can perform the rituals and the prayer.

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