City Labourers left with Little Wages

Published on September 21, 2019 by

The labourers in the construction companies in Raghuvanahalli, are supposed to get paid once in 15 days, but they get paid after a month at times. The labourers come from different parts of the country and are promised minimum wages.

“We are brought from Orissa and the contractor gives us a sum of Rs.8,000 for a month. The contractors tell that they receive the payment late from the company and that is why they cannot pay. This is the problem here” says Upendar Kumar Nahagoan, labour in the construction company.

They are promised good facilities, but they do not receive them. Along with the wage problems the labourers living in the labour colonies face drinking water and sanitation issues.

According to the Labour Ministry Panel, a single value should be set which is Rs. 375 per day as of July 2018 and the monthly wage should be Rs. 9,750. “There are some occasions when there will be delays in the payment. For example, we are the contractors we should get a payment from the client. Usually every 15 days once we are making the payment” says Mr. Vijay Kumar, construction head in MFAR.

When the delay is for more than a month, they get food allowance of Rs.800 for a month from the contractors. The labourers are supposed to be provided with housing and medical facilities, but they live in houses made of tin. When it rains, the water flows inside their houses making their living conditions extremely difficult.

“A lot of labour laws in the country are very outdated and do not solve present day issues. The blue collar employees suffer the most. Bearing this in mind, the government of India decided to come up with the new code on wages which essentially consolidates all of the pre-existing on payment of wages, payment of minimum wages, equal remuneration and other similar statues on the payment of the wages” said Vishy Vincent, lawyer.

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