Commuters find it tough to utilize roads

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Roads have become a hurdle track for people where builders are dumping the construction materials on roads.


Commuters have a hard time to utilize the roads as the dumping of construction materials is causing them inconvenience. Houses are being constructed in Balepete Main Road where piles of stones and cement blocks the road and business owners say this prevents customers from entering their shops.


Owner of Majestic Shopping Centre, Riyaz Ahmed says, “Due to the materials placed right outside of my shop, I and other shop owners are going through a loss. The customer’s footfall has also decreased. At the end of the day, the builder should clear out these things and make way for people to use this road.”


BBMP says that a builder can store the materials on the footpath but he is not allowed to dump it on the roads.


“We allow builders to store materials on the footpath but if it is dumped on roads, we make sure to issue them a notice and then impose a penalty. We have a Ward engineer who takes care of these things” says, BBMP Public Relations Officer, Sri. L. Suresh.


HOD of Civil Department of Raja Rajeshwari college, DR R.V. Ramesh believes that we need better planning and implementation from the Government. “People think there are not too many vehicles passing by on the road and it would be fine if they just pour things on it. But the biggest reason why people do this is because they are not designated with proper storage in the first place. Building bylaws are also not strict enough and we need much better implementation from the government.”


Depending on the level of construction, BBMP fines builders who do not follow the guidelines. Despite all this, dumping of construction materials on roads can still be seen in various parts of the city which includes KR Market, Russell Market, Cubbonpete and Basavanagudi.


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