Complaints made on the Karnataka State Police app are not being responded

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Karnataka State Police app is the official application of Karnataka Police but the citizens are complaining of not getting responses from the Police on the KSP app which was introduced to attend their grievances.

“I have used KSP app and I am not receiving a response. You get proper response only once in ten times”, said Ankit Joshi, who lives in BTM Layout.

Police Control Rooms in the Commissionerate are responsible to respond to the complaints notified by the people using the app.

Sunil, Head Constable, Cyber Crime Police, Bengaluru City, said, “On an average we receive five complaints per day through the app.”

Through the app you can register the complaint, find nearest police station, report non-emergency incidents, look for details of missing person and find the contact details of police officers.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Pradhan, said that if the complaint is not attended and it comes to notice of higher officer, they make sure that the issue is resolved and the concerned person is held for it.

Citizens also complain of malfunction in the app and technical glitch. Cyber crime police say that they are working towards improving the technical issues.

“Sometimes due to the coded package we try to send doesn’t work the same, hackers are the other problem. Multiple users accessing the same thing make the software difficult to process, the network and information leakage being the other issues. Police department must held the IT department to look after the bugs and software glitches”, said Ms. Pratibha who is an IT expert.

KSP app can provide citizens a helping hand if properly used. Police is working towards it to make sure that app just doesn’t exist but is useful for citizens as well.

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