Cyber-crime Cases Piles Up in City

Published on January 30, 2020 by

The Cyber-crime in the city doubles up, but no cases solved yet.

As per the data of Cyber-crime Police Department, in 2019, a total of 9999 Cyber-crime cases have been registered on the Cyber-crime website. But the software could not register complaints more than 4 digits whereas; there are only 5036 registered cases in 2018. Cyber-crime department said the most number of cases are related to OTP or UPI fraud.

A victim of online fraud said, “I was using Online Payment for a product, a link popped up and the amount was debited from my account. It was neither paid online nor did I receive the product. The order got cancelled. I could not file the complaint as there is no proof for this crime.”

The Cyber-crime department said, most of these cases take place from other countries, and it is very difficult to track those IP addresses.  But as the population of the city is increasing, it is obvious for the crime to increase.

The conviction rate for the cases is very low. Not even a single case has been resolved in 2019.

Mr. Subodh, Ethical Hacking Professor at IFF said the cyber-criminals never use their original VPN; they keep switching VPN numbers, even if the crime takes place inside the country, while tracking, the VPN shows in other countries. Same is with IP address, they use dynamic IP addresses. So it makes difficult to track them.

But it is not impossible to track these criminals as many cases takes place inside the country, it is the lack of training of Cyber police department which also contributes to the increase in Cyber-crime. The technology upgrades every year, so there should be proper training for the department as well as the awareness camps in schools and colleges, he added.

Cyber-crime lawyer said, “They should engage more Police personnel for proper investigation for each and every case. And as the Cyber department is also less attentive towards this, after many days, the website was fixed, this might have troubled people to file the complaints.”

The expert focused on the need of awareness among people.  By not sharing personal bank details and avoiding spam job and lottery related mails, it could be prevented to some extent.

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