Delay in the Construction of Kalasipalyam Bus Stand

Published on September 28, 2019 by

Delay in the construction of Kalasipalyam Bus Stand is creating chaos and clutter in K.R. Market.

By Sikha Jaiswal

September 24, 2019

The Kalasipalyam Bus Stand is the second busiest terminal in the city. Ten years have lapsed since the idea of constructing the bus terminal was conceived. The new bus terminal in the area was to be ready by July this year but there has been a delay in completing the work which began three years ago with a budget of 63.5 crores. The delay has added to the pollution and traffic congestion in the area.

Local businessman,Sajeet Kumar, said that it is tough for him to sit in his shop due to the garbage and the pollution on the footpath.

Meanwhile, the businesses in the area are not working due to the construction work being disruptive. Some of the shops have lost money and so they had to shut down their business.

The new bus terminal will be able to accommodate 44 bus bays, with two floors, to be used by the BMTC and KSRTC.

Urban planner says ‘In order to overcome the congestion and the paucity of time, we need to look at the newer technologies where manufacturing and compacting the entire process has to be done outside and brought in to the site. That way we can save time and reduce the space required to have the specialty of a modern bus terminal.’

The much-awaited bus terminal is expected to be completed by the month of January 2020. All modes of transport including inter and intrastate busses will be available in one place. Social media- The awaited Kalasipalya Bus terminal finally take its shape by the end of the year. Your lead is about the effect of the delay.


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