Delay in white topping causes traffic congestion.

Published on November 20, 2019 by

The white topping work of the road between Okalipuram and Majestic has been delayed due to the change in tender. This has increased the traffic congestion. The shopkeepers complain that due to this delayed construction they are facing parking problem in the area.

Ratnakar, a shopkeeper said, “This construction work is going on for around 9 months, because of this they have blocked all the continuity roads.There is no space for parking. We have to park our vehicles many kms away from our shops. Customers also do not come to our shops due to this.”

This road was supposed to be constructed within 2 months. But the duration of the work  has already stretched to more than 9 months. Due to the conflict between Chief Engineer and contractor, the tender was given to another contractor. This delayed the work.

Arun Kumar, Associate Professor, EWIT said, “We are trying to finish the work as soon as possible. Due to the change in tender it took so long, but we will try to fix it very soon.”

Karnataka govt. released Rs. 342 crores for the construction of this road. But Due to the conflict the work was paused for around a month. The new contractor is asking for more funds to restart the work.

Bharat, Junior Engineer said, “The white topping work should be done in a stretch. If it gets delayed the concrete layer gets expanded, if they do the second layer asphalting, the layer will come out in few days. The changes in tender have led to loss of govt.”

The miscommunication between the chief engineer and contractor has delayed the work.

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