Delayed work of Kharar flyover hits out at the public with jam packed traffic

Published on December 9, 2020 by

It has been five years since the construction of the Kharar flyover had started and that day is yet to come where one could drive by its traffic with ease and comfort.

Kharar: The local people residing in the areas of Mohali, Kharar and even Chandigarh are unsettled by the difficulties they have to face while crossing the city flyover which is packed with traffic at all times. Daily commuters are troubled because they mostly reach late at their destination whatever it is work, school, office jobs etc. due to being stuck in traffic for hours.

Arun Rana, a local resident who lives in Kharar says, “The traffic is very much problematic if there happens to be an emergency, one has to make up his mind 1-2 hours prior before going out. Small accidents keep on happening, not a day goes by without it. Watching this level of traffic, the speed of the work is not up to the mark.” This story echoes of many others who are a part of the nearby areas.

While Traffic Police themselves are keeping up with situation as there are five main Traffic Posts situated in the city which cover the whole stretch of the flyover and at each post, traffic policemen are deployed to make the job of passing through these jam packed roads a little easier for the people. I/C Traffic Kharar Sl Kulwant Singh says, “We are working 24 hours a day with the ongoing construction. Daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. is our day shift and at night a team of four is always present to watch over the work and help incase if there is the need for it.”

Workers at the site had also been affected by the pandemic as many of them had to leave for their homes. Lovely, who is a worker at the site talks about how it is just the 10 of them in a team who are working at the unfinished site and they comprise only of the local Punjab regions.

Eight delays in the project over the past two years when it was supposed to be completed in 2018 had certainly tested the patience of the people. The NHAI authorities have stated that they are planning on opening the Mohali-Kharar stretch by January 15th next year. Only time will tell if it is indeed going to happen or not as the work is only 75% completed and with the lack of workers, another delay seems to be a possibility at this moment.

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