Enthusiasm for solar water heaters cools

Published on October 5, 2019 by

The number of people using solar water heaters has decreased over the past few years in Bangalore city. 

Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM)‘s annual report shows that the number of water heaters in use in Bangalore fell to 56,842 in 2017-18 against the 64,098 heaters in use the previous year.

BESCOM said that they have been trying to promote the use of solar water heaters since the implementation of the 2007 circular, but that people prefer to use electric heaters. BESCOM also conducts regular inspections to ensure implementation.

Kriti Vyas, secretary of Purnavas Seasons Residency said, “We use electric geysers and are expecting the connection of solar water heaters soon as we have informed the BESCOM about it already.”

The circular passed in 2007 makes it mandatory to install solar water heaters in all households and residential buildings.

Ullas Kumar, Renewable energy expert from Ecowatch talked about the lack of solar heaters in Bangalore and said,” The point is a lot of single houses in Bangalore have solar heaters but that’s not the case for the apartments. If the residents ask for solar water heaters, they are charged with double the price.”

Despite BESCOM’s environment-friendly initiative to use a renewable resource, the people of Bangalorehave failed to adhere to it.

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