Floods increase the water scarcity in Bailhongal

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The residents of villages in Bailhongal taluk face the drinking water crisis for the last many years. This year floods have increased water scarcity.
Many districts in North Karnataka face drought for the last 8 years now. This causes a water crisis in the villages. However, this year, north Karnataka submerged in water due to heavy rainfall. This worsened the situation for the villagers.
Basappa, a resident of the village said, “We get water once in 10-15 days. We have to store water for such a long period. If we are over with the storage at any time, we have to travel to other places to get water. Even after, filing the complaint so many times, the Panchayat do not take any action.”
The Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation has allocated Rupees twenty thousand and sixteen for National Rural Drinking Water Program and Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin in the Union Budget 2019-2020.
Dr. Prakash HS, Chief Engineer, Rural Drinking water and sanitation department, Karnataka said, “We are working on Jal Jeevan Mission scheme from Central government, the main aim is to give household water connections to all the villages. It is a challenge as there are so many villages. It may take some time but it will happen. We are trying to make it possible as soon as we can.”
The main source of water in the villages of Bailhongal taluk is the Mallaprabha River. Due to the floods this year, it has become much polluted and hence drinking water crisis has increased.
Akshay Heblikar, an Environmentalist said, “Government should make small ponds, where water can be stored, and it can be supplied to the farmers during scarcity. Earlier, during a drought, there was no water. Now, after the floods, there is an excess of water but it is polluted so it is of no use.”
The government-sanctioned Rupees. 23 crores more than the last year’s budget to improve the water and sanitation facilities in the rural areas. Yet still, these villages wait to get access to pure water

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