Garbage near K R Market Metro Station

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People are getting troubled due to the garbage near K R Market metro station.

Garbage gets accumulated frequently near K R Market metro station. It causes inconvenience to the commuters.

According to a shopkeeper in the area, “Today the garbage truck didn’t come. People around throw the garbage. Garbage remains here”.

Garbage leads to pollution and a lot of diseases such as dengue arise. According to the PHIEC report from January to August 2019, 418 total cases of dengue have been registered in the west zone of Bangalore, where K R Market is situated. Out of these, more than 40 cases are still to be resolved. There are also three cases of typhoid, out of which one case is pending.

According to some commuters of the area, “People find it easy to dump waste in the area. Therefore, so much of waste has been accumulated in the area”.

The people commuting to the area say that the BBMP officials are not doing their work properly and no one else takes the responsibility to clean the area.

According to Manjula N. Rao, BBMP Solid Waste Management Expert, “It is equally the responsibility of the citizens to not litter the city. We are also going to take strict action against the officials who do not comply with the rules”.

According to N S Ramakanth, co-founder of the ‘Solid Waste Management Round Table’, “Metro Station is up to date. But after coming out, there is a problem. There again, metro only can put a person and see that nobody throws there. ”

The BBMP official says that strict action will be taken against people who don’t comply with the rules. Let’s see what awaits the city in the future.

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