Go Green at the Open Day of Indian Institute of Science College

Published on March 21, 2019 by

The annual Open Day at IISc takes Eco-friendly path with the use of electric vehicles and bio-degradable products.

Open day at IISc has taken the Green path with using of electric vehicles and plastic free surroundings. “E-kart or E vehicles are functioning in the campus for a month. As of now, we have 10 E-karts, but for the open day we have arranged five more making it to 15,” said Veeranna Kumar, assistant registrar, Indian Institute of Science College (IISc).

Last year, there were around 2000 people who attended the event and the response has been better this year as they opened an online portal for feedback and early registrations. IISc is expecting around 3000 people for the open day. Students from schools and colleges with the general public will be a part of it. ‘The event is to be open for public with a total of around three thousand participants. We are going green this year by asking people to get their own water bottles. They’ll be helpdesks where you can go fill water,” said Prof Y Narahari Divisional commissioner at IISc.

The open day involves research for use of Artificial intelligence for medicine. ‘We are doing new research especially in the field of biology. We are also doing research on cancer, medicine. The research involves the use of AI for water conservation,’ said Kaushal Verma, Chairman at IISc.

‘From last 2-3 years, they have had this kids’ zone which has got a good response. This year also the event will include new experiments for children,’ said Kaushal Verma, Chairman at IISc.







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