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In Cubbon Park, Two students from an Arts college were held for protesting against the live music ban by making graffiti on the walls.

Early in the morning of November 22, two art students were arrested by the police for protesting against the live music ban in the city by writing on the walls.

The police say that they are doing this after midnight from the past two days.

“We are going to file the charge sheet against them. They were taken into judicial custody. There might be more than two people. They have apologized for their mistake and have told us that this will not happen again” Says Bharath B, Station House Officer, Cubbon Park Police Station

The students were bailed by the court order and are ready to go back to the college. However, the case is yet to close.

The shopkeepers say that the problems of this case to them as it’s their property.

“It is unethical for them to write all this. How can they do this? The owner lodged a complaint about this.” Mentions Ramchandra employee at the shop on whose wall the graffiti was done.

This is a criminal offence under section 425 of IPC for Prevention of destruction and loss of property act.

The lawyers say that it is a bailable offence.

There are ways to express your thoughts with positive graffiti like this which conveys a positive message.

The graffiti artists say that they should have made it in an artistic way with permission.

Vishnu  Ambwat, Kalakarah Graffiti Mural Wall Art, says, “It is not graffiti if it was just written. If they would have made something artistic that would have been graffiti. We can put our thoughts into it but permission is required.”

Instead of just scribbling on the wall if students would have done a beautiful graffiti with permission, it would have helped them as well as the city.

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